Experts in dewatering of sludge with filter-press mobile units, extraction and centrifugation of sludge with dredge and centrifuge mobile units.

Experts in decontamination of soils and resulting water treatment works.

Design, drafting and execution of geotechnical studies and characterization of contaminated soils and groundwater. Surface hydrology and applied hydrogeology and environmental geotechnics. Quantitative analysis of human health risks from contaminated soils. Study of alternatives treatments of contaminated soils.  


was created in response to the growing demand for “on-site” services that certain industries require for sludge dewatering, and separation by phases (centrifugation).


From our experience working with our customers SERECO GESTIÓN has detected other needs related to characterisation studies of contaminated soils and aquifers and how to undertake their subsequent decontamination.

Our knowledge

and experience as a specialist group in the environmental management sector and in the treatment of waste means that we can offer a rapid response to any eventuality or emergency.

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We provide a clean up service for sludge collectors that ranges from sludge extraction, without needing to leave collectors out of action, to the removal of dry material and the resulting water as well as sludge dewatering. SERECO GESTIÓN comprises a highly qualified professional team and a range of specialist machinery (filters press, centrifuges, mixing installations, decanters and steam boilers) all of which is mobile and available nationally and internationally to provide solutions under any circumstances.

The mobile plants have numerous advantages:

1.- They avoid the risks that transport of waste poses.

2.- They minimise the quantities of waste treated, and as a result,

3.- They reduce treatment costs and project deadline times as there are no loading or unloading requirements,

4.- They provide greater health and safety for personnel since nobody is required to enter collectors or slag ponds as sludge is extracted by an autonomous sludge extractor operated by remote control.

We are leaders in using pressure filters in the filtering sector:

We supply mobile plants, movable by road, which are fully equipped with treatment capacities of between 30m3/day to 300m3/day and allow drying and minimisation of waste from a wide range of production sources (chemical, petro-chemical, potable and waste water, biochemical, radioactive contaminants, mud drilling (bentonite), mining waste products, etc).

Wealth of valuable experience

SERECO GESTIÓN has a wealth of valuable experience in the process of sludge extraction and separation by phases using centrifugation. We provide robotic ATEX extraction units that mean collectors and slag ponds can be emptied without interrupting their activity while offering the possibility of undertaking the work in zone 1 classified environments. The system is radio operated and means that workers do not need to enter the collectors thus avoiding the associated safety risks.

A market leader

SERECO GESTIÓN is consolidating its position in the sector as a market leader in Europe and stands out for its high quality service, specialist solutions and for its commitment to economic development that is compatible with safeguarding the environment. We are an exceptional and reliable ally when it comes to large scale operations of sludge dewatering and /or separation by centrifuge.

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