SERECO GESTIÓN is a leading company in the sector with a fleet of mobile equipment capable of adapting to any size operation.



SERECO GESTIÓN was created by two companies which then belonged to the Alfus Group. Its fundamental aims have always been to offer “mobile” and “in situ” treatment and reduction of waste. Initially most operations were centred on centrifugation applied to refinery waste.


SERECO GESTIÓN broadened its scope to focus on sludge drying using mobile pressure filters. A large part of our current work involves wastewater treatment plant sludge drying, bentonitic sludge treatment and industrial waste treatment (petro-chemical, steel industry, etc).


the Basque country government hired our company to fluidise and manage the disposal of the fuel that spilled from the Prestige oil tanker and seriously polluted the Basque coastline. Similarly the neighbouring Cantabria government hired SERECO GESTIÓN to fluidise the fuel and participate in the clean up of the Cantabrian coastline.


We were contracted to dry the polluting slurry that spilled as a result of the sinking of the tanker ULLA.


We carried out the decontamination of soils and groundwater polluted through the use of soil washing and granulometric classification of the land, following the dismantling of an old hydrocarbons logistics center in Santurce (Vizcaya).


We are carrying out soil decontamination work by the washing of soils, granulometric classification and sludge dewatering as part of the most important decontamination project in Spain at Flix (Tarragona).

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